Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Giveaway Coming Up!!!

I will be doing a small giveaway on my facebook fan page at the end of November.  If you do not have a facebook page, you may do it on this blog. I will give away 3 headbands.

hot pink flower headband-hot pink, headband, flower, baby, infant, toddler, newborn, girl, green, damask, boutique, silk flower headband

SO, just because I want to do this, I will choose a winner at the end of November. All you have to do is refer as many people as you want to/ or can and the person with the most referrals, will win. Have the people leave a comment saying you sent them to my facebook or blog. Simple as that!

light pink flower headband-baby, girl, headbands, pink, white, headband, silk, flower, newborn, infant, toddler,rhinestone, center

Also, I will randomly pick another winner in early December. Just because Im nice like that.. lol.

Maybe this will be the extra little present for someone in your family or friends that had a baby girl (or have one)

White shabby flower headband-baby, girl, white, flower, vintage, shabby, shabby chic, frayed, fray, small, headband, newborn, infant, toddler,

(these headbands may or may not be the ones I will giveaway. I did not decide yet what headbands will be given away)

Giveaway will end on November 30.

While you are at it, check out my website:

Have fun! You have exactly 20 days left!


Head over to THIS blog and enter to win a $15 credit to her shop!
This lady does stickers for onesies and even does digidal files.
They are too cute!
There are MANY MANY styles to choose from!
Here are just a few..

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Building my Website

Ah, the past few weeks have been so busy for my business! So, because of that, this blog got a little deserted! LOL.

I have been finishing up on my orders, ordering new flowers, ordering my new business cards and postcards to attach the headbands on them, ordering  more shipping material, and of course-working on my new website. Oh, and lets not forget being a wife, mommy, a cook, maid, butler, housecleaner...well, you get the idea! Whew!

That being said, yes, I did order more flowers that I will post on my website as soon as I get my postcards.
I also got other colors of elastic headbands and I'm also so excited to start making flowers with them!

Wana see a little sneak-peak?

A hot pink flower with DAMASK headband! Aaah LOVE IT!

My website has giving me more headaches than I inticipated. There is just sooo much to do! The part that takes the most time is the posting and uploading of all the headbands and wipe cases!

Initially, I wanted to build my own website. I mean I got a free e-book with easy-to-understand tutorials on how to build your site. But, when I realized it took so much time and patience, I found a site that sells web templates and ordered one that I liked. At this point, I would rather spend some money on a good website that will be up and running in a couple of days, than sit behind my computer for 6.5 months trying to build a site.
So I found my template here. I am so in love with damask pattern, and wanted to get a website with that style.

I am still loading all my products to the website. It takes time and patience!

The site is already running and you are able to order from it. But, because its a new site, and basically, I programed and tuned all the necessary things, if you find a problem with something, or cant order, PLEASE let me know! I dont want to order from myself to see if it will go through, so I am counting on my customers!

Stay tuned for new and awsome headbands!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What I've been doing..

I have been pretty busy this past month working on this:

yep, 10  TUBS WIPE CASES , and 13 TRAVEL SIZE WIPE CASES for a retail store. Oh, but the flowers have not been added yet.
Now, I get to use the wipes from them! Any idea what I can do with them before they dry out? I still have tons of my own that I use for my baby..

Monday, October 17, 2011

And the Winner is........

Thank you everyone who participated and entered in the 500 fan giveaway! I thank each and every one of you for the support and your business. You guys are amazing!

Well, I have picked a winner for the giveaway! I've got 33 people that entered. The ones that entered twice-on facebook and blog, I could only take one entry because that were the rules.
I used and enterd all the entries. Then, I used the shuffle method to make it fair on everyone.

  1. Anonymous
  2. Anonymous
  3. Ashley Beaty
  4. nadya
  5. Anonymous
  6. Anonymous
  7. Michelle Hewitt
  8. Anonymous
  9. Amanda Grauel
  10. Irina Levkiv
  11. Anonymous
  12. NancyVip
  13. Josh-Jessica Stiner
  14. Christina'Marie
  15. Claudia Razo
  16. Oksana Simenov
  17. Jessica Colón
  18. Vera Chumakov
  19. AllaS
  20. Anonymous
  21. Irene Melnikov
  22. Danielle Lipp Fabrizio
  23. Megan Eisenhardt
  24. Rebecka Lozano
  25. Melissa
  26. Audra Thomas
  27. Irina Yukhimchuk
  28. Marina Gantyuk
  29. Ulia Smich
  30. Anonymous
  31. Anonymous
  32. Makeup Geek
  33. Sweet Treats

Then, I entered the total number of entries in theTrue Random Number Generator , pointed the mouse arrow to "Generate", closed my eyes, clicked the button, opened my eyes, and here is the number I saw:

Drum Roll Please.................


You are the winner! Congratulations!
I will be contacting you shortly.

For the rest of you, thank you again for entering and Im sorry I could not choose everyone!
I will have a store wide sale on my Etsy shop for a 20% off your entire purchase!
This sale is for my facebook and blogger fans, and will be today until Wednesday only.

***Please use coupon code "Fall11" at checkout.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

How the Wipe Case gets Transformed!

Ever wonder how I take this origional, boring white wipe case

and turn it in to this:?

Then, keep on reading!

First, I glue the padding:

Then, I hot glue the pattern pieces:

It ends up looking like this: (Pretty, but not quite) :))

Lastly, I add the beautiful trim to the edges to cover up the "mess":

Looks MUCH better! I also use the lint roller to take out all the little unwanted threads and little pieces of glue.

Lastly, I add the gerber flower!

These cases are so stylish and cute to carry around!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Top 20 Uses for Travel Wipe Cases

I came up with the top 20 uses for the travel size wipe cases. For those that thought they were only for wiping your babies bottoms, keep on reading! They can be used by EVERYBODY, not just mommies!

  1. Clean baby bottoms
  2. Keep sanitary napkins
  3. keep small items in purse
  4. as a pencil/pen holder
  5. keep small hairbands, clips, headbands for babies/yourself
  6. First Aid Kit
  7. Keep in the car for older kids, dirty hands or clean up spills
  8. in Glove Compartment for registration and insurance papers
  9. keep your coupons
  10. Keep facial tissues/moisturizers
  11. Store sewing needles, safety pins, crochet hooks
  12. stamps, address labels
  13. playing cards
  14.  recipe cards
  15. Keep tea bags
  16.  seed packets
  17. dryer sheets
  18. photos
  19. game accessories
  20. bills/checkbook
They are especially pretty with a nice cover on them. Maybe like something that you find on my website? Just saying. :))) I am sure there are lots more uses for them.  What do YOU keep in them? What are some other uses for them?